The Maze[edit | edit source]


The Maze is a  lawless mysterious piece of land between the Garment, Glass and Wharf Districts. Thieves, runaways, and rats roam the dark, twisting alleys.

People[edit | edit source]

  • Flora— The squirrel from Strata.
  • Rajeev—The rat.
  • Nitty— An intelligent street urchin.
  • Dodge— A street urchin.
  • Trevour— A “retired” assassin.
  • Rats (assassins) - The Red Boot, Cordozo, The Moustache.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • The Hidden Den— Rajeev’s secret lair, concealed on a hidden floor.
  • Brickback Alley— A secret spot in which payments to rats are made.

Songs[edit | edit source]

  • “The man to right every wrong” — A song glorifying the work of the rats.

Quote[edit | edit source]

“Rogue Rats are bad for business”

“A time ago, a rogue rat had broken the cardinal rule against revealing his patron. Indeed, he’d sold his patron’s name — Count Amisty— to the target. Afterward, Amisty had been lured to Duke Shipwright’s district, where he was ambushed, tied, and keelhauled. His waterlogged body had been dipped in molten bronze and mounted on the front of a ship—an ugly figurehead. Every time the ship sailed into port, it reminded folk not to hire assassins. For years there was little or no business for the rats. Without anywhere else to ply their trade, they’d turned their skills to tracking down the violator and slitting him from groin to chin for the street dogs to eat, but only after they’d done the same to his sister, his mistress, his three suspected bastard children, his barber, and twenty-some folk rumored to be his friends. The Wharf District and the Maze ran red for weeks. “Guts in the gutters,” the killing spree was called by the Filthy Watchmen, who wanted no part of it, and they’d closed their ledgers as soon as the murders stopped. For an entire generation the story had been an effective deterrent to other assassins who might have otherwise strayed from the rules of the trade.”

Other Isolated Districts[edit | edit source]

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