Carpenter District[edit | edit source]

Shapers of the future…

The outer wall is built from ironwood trees of the Great Forest, which do not burn. Swaths of ironwood buildings withstand the flames that rush through the district periodically, and only wide thoroughfares which act as firebreaks keep the whole district from going up in flames. Instead of paved streets—dirty, creaking planks are suspended just above the mud. Whittled statues stand at the corner of every street—animals, women, men, and mythical beasts. The great hammer of the Carpenters hangs over the gate as though it might smash their enemies. This ancient district full of history and craftmanship holds some of the best artisans in the City of Filth. These people of the Carpenter district are called the “hammer-heads”.

People[edit | edit source]

  • Duke Carpenter - An enthusiastic man with ambition. Energetic, always rushing and industrious.
  • Duchess Carpenter - An ambitious woman.
  • Carpenter’s daughter - A homely girl.
  • The Carpenter Crier - Duke carpenter’s second.
  • Mawry - An ingenious simpleton.
  • Surgeons - Creepy men experimenting on orphans.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Carpenter Castle - Fifteen levels high, every inch carved to the smallest detail. Glass even counted one hundred and thirty-seven tiny demons whittled on the back of the Carpenter Castle privy door.
  • The Moat - A putrid moat filled with leeches surrounding Carpenter Castle.
  • The Mawer - A large rolling mechanism powered by mammoths, designed to crush trees.

Songs: “Build-Build-Build”

Quote[edit | edit source]

“‘...and that is why war is inevitable,’ Duke Carpenter insisted before the nearly full gallery. ‘Lumber is becoming scarce. The supply shrinks, the costs rise. It makes us poor and weak. With a massive forest just a few days east of us, it is ridiculous for us to buy from across the sea. Besides, no one else has the tall tuftors for shipbuilding. With good ships, we could challenge the Islanders for control of the sea trade before they price us into peasantry.’”

Method of Execution[edit | edit source]

  • Nails hammered into the head.
  • Thrown in the moat and eaten alive by giant leeches.

The War Machine[edit | edit source]

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