Carnival District[edit | edit source]

The district of entertainment...

The entertainment hub of Filth, it is also one of the richest districts in the city. The district began as waste space between the Maze, Wharf, Wine, Furrier and one other district. Over time, it was developed into a minor district by the Angry Jester. Under the crazy rule of the Mad Fool, the district became a Major district, hence receiving a full vote in the vote for war. It is the district for runaways, vagabonds and performers, all attempting to entertain the rabid, unruly crowds that attend the shows.

People[edit | edit source]

  • Duke Carni—Known as the “Mad Fool,” he is a jester who has worked his way to Duke.
  • Anjali—A large singing woman who Flora suspects is a man. The second of Duke Carni.
  • Hamm—A handsome, mysterious acrobat from the Islands.
  • Shoba—A bossy little person who is boss of the show.
  • Tamar— A cat tamer.
  • Trainers— Fridita, the singer, and Gonzalo, the costumer.
  • Various acts in the show—Darla, Minerva, Emor, Ari and Ana, Leggy, Milia.

Landmarks[edit | edit source]

  • The Showbox— Three levels of glass suspended on chains, one above the other, with onlookers in a perch in the middle. A spiral staircase of glass rises from the lowest floor to the highest.
  • The Pleasure Palace— The personal stage for the Mad Fool. The audiences are rabid.

Songs[edit | edit source]

  • “The Wide Eyed Stratan Girl”
  • “The Maiden Fair”

Quote[edit | edit source]

“ soon as I hedged my position, he took my warning and did the same. Too many easy ears in the gallery. He told us that he sees both sides of the coin—trouble and sorrow during a long, slow war, but possible prosperity if Filth prevails quickly. He also told us that, in the end he’ll vote the way Wine votes.”

Method of Execution[edit | edit source]

  • The game show.

Closely Aligned Districts[edit | edit source]

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